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There’s Good N GOODBYE 2016-2017

The love of my life made me realize something so special this morning. Today is the release of my new hit single, Good N Goodbye. I woke up like wow it's finally here. Morray made me see how much I accomplished this year as a whole. Sometimes as people we go through...
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Dreams Come True- Tuesday night @ Neo Soul

Ever since I was in my early 20's during my partying days, I found this spot in downtown San Diego. While my friends wanted to dance and drink, I was captivated by the sounds of the live band coming from the next room of the Onyx night club. Once I came through the...
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Welcome to my site!

My name is SLM. I'm a singer/songwriter located in San Diego, CA. This site is a tribute to my artistry and a way for me to connect with those who enjoy my music. Here you can find healing messages through my songs. I created them so others can know they're not alone...
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Listen to the Signs

$igns is a song about the work struggle and how people chase money instead of chasing their dreams. It's an anthem from that inner voice inside that may be fantasizing of a fulfilled life. $igns is about paying attention to the clues and people who genuinely love you...
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There’s Good in Goodbye

Good N Goodbye is a story about my past. It's a song that came straight from my heart, expressing my final emotions about my family. I spent so much of my early adult life feeling lost, abandoned, misguided and misunderstood. Although my family are good people who...
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